This is a small perl script I wrote to help me in my mp3 checking/organizing.  "Wrote" is a strong word, as I basically just combined code from the cddb sample code, cddb perl script, manpage, and MP3::Info manpage.  At this point it's extremely rudimentary.  What it does is treat mp3s (all mp3s in a directory, at this I said...rudimentary...) as a cd, calculates the cddb checksum, and does a cddb lookup.  So, if you run this script in a directory with mp3s, and these (random and legal...from of course...) mp3s happen to comprise a cd, then the script should print out the cd's artist & title.

Required modules:


Run it with the -h option to see what options are available.  There is no pretty gui.  You run the script, if it prints something, good, if it doesn't, well, then I guess if you burned those random mp3s they wouldn't successfully do a cddb lookup.  Change to the directory with your random mp3s, and run the script.  I'm going to make a gui that lets you select mp3s, and put them in the order you want them, but at the moment the mp3s have to be named so that they're in correct alphabetical order.



To Do:


I don't know everything about cd architecture or cddb or redbook or anything...for the purposes of the script, I assume 2 seconds worth of frames before the first track.  I don't know about those cds, like Hello Nasty, that have music in between tracks.  I don't know about cds with bonus data tracks.  I did test the script with 3 cds that I ripped which have data tracks, and they looked up successfully.