MP3 Audio Entertainment System

OK I realize this is a skank-nasty page, but at the moment I just want to release. This is a set of Perl scripts which interface with MySQL to provide streaming MP3's over the net. The package includes just about everything you'll need, such as sql scripts, shell scripts, Perl cgi and shell scripts, etc. Right now I'm not going to take the time to list everything, as it's pretty much all in the README.

MÆS Open Documentation Project

This is based entirely on Richard Harman's myMP3, which can be found here. All I've done is quite a few updates and a ton of bugfixes, plus a new feature or two. I plan on adding many more features as time progresses. He did just release a version 2 right before I decided to release my own, but I found it to be totally unusable, although with promise and containing some of the exact features I'd added.

Here's the public ftp directory where I'll try to add the newest releases. However, I'd highly recommend you go to the page on sourceforge: sourceforge.net/projects/mymp3s. It'll probably stay up to date better than the ftp and almost certainly better than this web page:) This is a standard sourceforge site, which gives you access to a web-based CVS repository, information for using CVS to download this project, contact information, news, blah blah blah. You can also submit bug reports, which I welcome.



Adding playlist creation to the browse interface is my top priority.

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